Glenboig Neighbourhood House

Today, Tomorrow, Always!

It’s been a busy and productive year for Glenboig Neighbourhood House, and, as Christmas beckons once again, it’s good to reflect on some of the highlights.

Before we reminisce, however, we’d like to offer our profound thanks to our dedicated board, staff and volunteers for their invaluable support throughout the year.

Your constant ability to excel in delivering the excellent and much-needed services that our community enjoys allows us to grow as an organisation, year-on-year, and reach out to ever more people.

Without a doubt, your efforts help strengthen and bind the community, making it a better place to live for all. So thanks a million! You are all stars!

The support we offer local people has both a practical and a social dimension. The Jelly Bean Club members, for example, are collected from the local primary schools and ferried safely to our Community Centre for after-school care, involving lots of play, while the Meals Delivery Service provides nutritious hot and cold food to members of the community who are perhaps vulnerable and find it difficult to venture out for such; with the food comes a crucial social interaction and connection to the community as a whole – one effective way of reducing social isolation and making people feel more included.

There’s a common theme in almost everything we do: social inclusion. Nearly every activity or function we provide directly or indirectly produces social benefit – a strong feeling of togetherness.

The positive impact of social inclusion on the wellbeing of everyone can’t be overstated, so we hold several community events throughout the year with the main aim of getting together, enjoying ourselves, and boosting community spirit.

The key ingredient in our community events is fun, so while the regular, everyday functions we carry out are certainly important, the community events are just as important in their own way: as a community, we need to let our hair down, make each other feel welcome and socialise, and we do! With bells on!

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