Glenboig Neighbourhood House

Today, Tomorrow, Always!

The Glenboig Gala Day has earned the reputation of giving people of all ages a fantastic day out, and this year’s Gala certainly didn’t disappoint.

With perfect weather, the Gala began with the usual coronation of the Gala Queen, attended by her ladies-in-waiting and watched by the crowd. The Gala Queen then led the traditional parade – a mix of local drummers, villagers, Minnie the Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck (!) to the children’s play park and surrounding area, the site of the day’s events.

                     The Gala Queen and her ladies-in-waiting.


                The Gala Queen leading the parade at the beginning of the day.


                                                    Drummers in the parade giving it laldy!


                                Minnie Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck have a gossip and reflect on the roaring success
                                of the day.


Now the many events began with gusto.

The smooth choreography and polished performances of the youngsters in the dancing and martial arts displays disguised the months of hard work and preparation devoted to creating such impressive and entertaining spectacles. The displays are a solid fixture of the Gala Day every year and the energy of the youngsters was infectious!

                              Martial arts.


                                 Dancers going through their routine.


Artificial rock climbing anyone? Yep, that’s right! Artificial rock climbing. What other gala day ever had an outdoor climbing wall for children and teens? Okay, maybe a few, but it’s impressive nonetheless. And if it inspired some youngsters to take up the activity, or some other form of exercise, so much the better. Exercise doesn’t have to be a drudge; we're sure the climbers would surely agree.


                                                           Fearless climbers aiming high.


Traditional gala staples such as the races were quite at home alongside more exotic diversions such as the ‘make your own smoothie using cycle power’ stall. This energy-conserving, bike-powered blender converts the mechanical energy of pedal power into rotation of a blender blade, blending the contents of your choice. Cyclists went for the burn as they made their own well-deserved, personalised smoothies!

A vast array of activities and stalls, for people of all ages, continued to pull in the crowds throughout the day as the good weather held out: trampolining and the kids’ soft play area proved very popular, and confirmed browsers relished the jewellery, book and other stalls. And, of course, the well-supplied tea tent deserves a mention!

It wouldn’t quite be a proper gala without enough of the best drink of the day to float a small dinghy, or at least a medium-to-large family of ducks. Instant refreshment!

                                 The stalls have it all!


                                                  Our expert trampoline-tester puts the equipment through its paces.


                         Getting dizzy on the merry-go-round.


                                         One wee one takes the day in his stride in the soft play area.


                             Thanks for coming!


It’s safe to say that everybody at the Gala had a great time! Once again, our staff and volunteers went above and beyond in their efforts to make the day a huge success, and we thank them wholeheartedly. But without the crowds that choose to attend every year, there would be no Gala, so to all of you who came on the day we give our heartfelt thanks! We’re so pleased you enjoyed yourselves and we’d love you to come again next year to help us celebrate the Glenboig Gala Day 2017.

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