As residents of Glenboig, we’re lucky in never having to walk far before finding ourselves face-to-face with nature: animals, plants and the open air – it’s a major perk of living in a semi-rural village.

Going down the old railway line shows you just how much the locals, and visitors, cherish Glenboig’s semi-rural environment: the regular flow of walkers, dog walkers, runners, cyclists and meanderers testifies to a common desire to soak in the peace and beauty of our natural surroundings.

It’s crucial that we all do our bit in looking after our precious natural spaces: keeping them litter-free, cleaning up dog muck and so on. As part of their development, it can only benefit youngsters too if they form a strong respect and appreciation for the place in which they live.



Instilling in children the notion that they will one day be stewards of our natural spaces is vital in their forming lasting positive associations with their environment – associations that will develop and grow into adulthood, ultimately benefiting everyone.



Wildflower planting with youngsters at Glenboig Community Park is one initiative that begins such associations early: that we as a community should look after our own back yard; that, properly looked after, our natural spaces will go on to give locals pleasure for generations, as well as fostering healthy, complex ecosystems.

In addition, it’s a lot of fun. Youngsters love getting their hands dirty, and gain great satisfaction from taking an active role in positively influencing their village’s flora and fauna by the planting of seedlings. What better way to connect with the local environment, and the environment as a whole, than to become directly involved in shaping it for the better.