Glenboig Neighbourhood House

Today, Tomorrow, Always!

We're very pleased to announce the completion of the Glenboig Community Action Plan 2016-2021, as part of the Coalfields Community Futures Programme. The Coalfields Programme is an approach to local community planning and sustainable community development that aims to encourage active citizenship and build local democracy.

The Glenboig Community Action Plan 2016-2021 sets out the priorities for the development of Glenboig over the next 5 years, as identified by the community through an extensive process of community engagement carried out over a period of 6 months, August to March 2016. The Plan contains:

  • A summary of the Glenboig Community Profile
    Our main Likes and Dislikes as expressed in the community survey
    Our Vision Statement for Glenboig
    The main themes and priorities for taking action
    Information on how to get involved or just be kept informed!

The Community Action Plan is for everyone; we hope you will read it, consider its content and help towards making it work by taking action where you are, in whatever way you can.

If everyone did something positive for their community, every day, then what a difference that would make! Many thanks go to all those who took their time to share their views, to the volunteers and participants who made the Open Day a great success and to the local schools that enabled our young people to have their say. Thanks also to members of the community who contributed the images in this Action Plan.

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